GAMEPLAY GUIDE HERE  (Sorry I didn't have time for a tutorial! Hopefully this video explains things instead)

Crashlanded on an alien planet, you have only one day to prepare for the vicious nocturnal wildlife. 

Spend your limited time hunting, retrieving fuel cells, crafting, or upgrading in the ship. Choose wisely, there are no second chances

Art by Jesse Wang

GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Development log


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It would be cool if you made this a game which goes on until you find a key and its optional if you would finish the game or not.

Sounds like a good idea :)

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I expected it to open a new tab for me but,thanks i guess

Also pretty gud game

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 Controls : Cards have a green outline when playable. 

They will be white when the player does not have enough energy. Energy refreshes every turn. 

If a card has a direct target, drag it over until red to cast.

If the card has no direct target, drag until yellow to cast.

Deal damage to enemies with attacks and defend yourself with armor cards. Armor lasts until the start of your next turn. 


Strength is a stat that increases damage by 1 point. It only lasts for the combat. You can permanently increase this stat in the ship.

Dexterity is a stat that increases armor gained. It can be permanently increased in the ship.

Critical is a % chance for the attack to deal double damage. 


- Hunt locations (Crossed Swords) : Click to start a fight for a chance at loot. You can find kokori on the left, grungrun on the right, and a random chance of either near the top. Enemies get stronger closer to night

- Fuel cell locations (Battery icon): Clicking these will initiate a fight and place a fuel cell into your deck. It is a dead card and does not do anything.

- Ship (Crossed swords next to wreckage): Head back to your ship to heal, perform advanced crafting, and exchange fuel cell cards for upgrades. Upgrades start from the bottom and go up.

-Time : There is morning, afternoon, and night. There are different encounters throughout the day. At 24:00 the final battle starts. Each event costs 30 minutes in addition to travel time. Healing/Waiting in the ship consumes 1 hour.


The loot you find can be used in two ways. Each animal has their own card pool.

- Field Crafting : Usable outside of the ship, click the axe on the top right to open up the field craft. Drag an item into the bottom middle slot or double click to view options. Field crafting replaces your basic strikes and defends, rarity does not affect these options.

-Advanced Crafting : Usable only inside the ship. Click the advanced crafting button and drag items into the bottom middle slot or double click to view options. Advanced crafting adds cards to your deck and is based on rarity. New options are generated every time you visit the ship


Battle Endurance - Heal 5 HP. Exhaust Battle Roar - Deal 4 damage to all enemies and gain 6 armor

Bird Brain Strike - Deal 12 damage to a random target

Bloodlust - Deal 10 damage. If this kills the target, heal 4 HP

Bolstered Dance - Gain 5 armor, give one attack in hand 20% critical chance for the rest of combat.

Brutal Claw-  Deal 12 damage to one target. Gain 1 strength.

Cleave - Deal 8 damage 2 times to random targets 

Devastate - Deal 12 damage. This scales 4x with strength

Devastating Caw - Give all attacks in hand 5 bonus damage for the rest of combat.

Devour - If you have more current HP than the enemy, deal 20 damage

Feathered Flurry - Deal 4 damage 5 times to random targets. 

Ferocious Peck - Deal 5 damage 3 times to one enemy. 10% Critical Chance

Grungrun Roar - Gain 2 strength and 3 armor.

Ironhide - Gain 30 armor. Exhaust

Isolated Target - If there is only one enemy, gain 10 armor and 5 strength. 

Kokori Speed - Give all attacks in hand 20% critical chance for the rest of combat 

Pluck - Create and add 1 random feather card to your hand. Feathers are 0 mana attacks that exhaust. Gain 1 Strength

Quickstrike - Deal 6 damage, draw 1 card

Savage Swipes - Deal 5 damage 2 times. Gain 1 strength 

Second Wind - Heal 15 Hp. Exhaust 

Take Flight - Gain 1 energy, Draw 2 cards. Exhaust (Removed for combat)

Vibrant Plumage - Create and add 2 random feather cards to your hand. Feathers are 0 mana attacks that exhaust. 

Whirlwind - Deal 4 damage 2 times to all enemies

Good luck :)